Important changes
for entrepreneurs in Slovakia

from 1.6.2023
We would like to inform you about several important changes for entrepreneurs in Slovakia, which will come into force on 1.6.2023:

Increase in the amount of compensation for meals on business trips in Slovakia:
- for business trips of 5 to 12 hours: 7,30 €
- for business trips between 12 and 18 hours: 10,90 €
- for business trips longer than 18 hours: 16,40 €

This compensation may, for example, receive the director of the Slovak company, who went on a business trip on company business, these expenses are tax deductible, which means reducing the taxable income base.
Increasing the minimum employer compensation for meals to 5.48€
(previously 5.10€)

We remind you that this payment applies to employees who work more than 4 hours per day. Also this compensation does not have a statutory upper limit, however, the maximum tax recognized expense of the employer for meal compensation for an employee is 4,02€ - 55% of the amount of 7,30€.
Increase in base compensation for the use of a personal vehicle for company purposes

A change that came into effect as early as 1.4.2023 is an increase in the basic compensation for the use of a private vehicle for company purposes: 0.239€ per kilometer.
If you would like to know more about employee meal allowances, business trip compensation, and other tax nuances in Slovakia, our accounting support team will be pleased to advise you.

Ekaterina Pleshanova
partner, deputy director