ALKUR team
took part in the Rome Marathon

Hello, friends!

We would like to share with you the impressions from our recent trip to Rome, which was a useful experience for our team. Within a few days we celebrated two important events - the birthdays of Alona Kurotova (CEO, Founder of ALKUR) and Ekaterina Pleshanova (Deputy Director and co-founder of ALKUR). It was a celebration team building with the flavor of Italian culture.

However, our trip was not only about the holidays. We took part in the Rome Marathon, which took place on March 17, 2024, and went on an excursion to this colorful city filled with history.
The Rome Marathon is one of the most iconic and anticipated events in the Italian sport world and the world marathon calendar. Every year it attracts thousands of participants and spectators from all over the world.

The route is 42,195km long and passes through most of Rome's landmarks. Participants run past places such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon,
St. Peter's Basilica, the Forum of Roman Emperors and many other places.

The Rome Marathon is also a powerful symbol of endurance, fighting spirit and athletic enthusiasm. For the participants it is not just a race, but a real test of themselves, their strength and endurance. That's why each of our team had their own T-shirt, with the Alkur company logo on the front and an inscription on the back characterizing each person. For example, Alona had the inscription “Trust me. I am the never stop running CEO”

Every year the marathon pushes participants and spectators to new achievements, new records and stories about its overcoming. One funny story happened to our participants too. The marathon organizers changed the baton handover points and some of our colleagues arrived at the wrong place. Later they had to get to the other place by buses, and some of them even had to run an extra 5 km. But despite the unexpected difficulties with the route, they all managed to pull themselves together and were not afraid of the extra kilometers to run to the finish line.

During the marathon, the ambulance was also active, picking up participants who felt ill due to the hot weather and high workload. Fortunately, our team finished the marathon without any accidents and no one needed medical assistance.

At the same time, Alona Kurotova showed her endurance by running 42.195 kilometers in very hot weather in only 4 hours and 29 minutes. Her achievement was inspiring and emphasized her ability to overcome any challenge.
We are convinced that events such as the Rome Marathon help to build team spirit and have a beneficial effect on our physical and emotional well-being. Such team building events not only unite, but also help us to achieve new goals in work as well as in our personal lives.

We are looking forward to our next marathon, scheduled for the fall in Košice. After all, it is no longer just a tradition, but a symbol of unity and strength!